“All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.”

― Martha Graham


Projects in development

See Chicago Dance

One of the artist selected for Dance for Camera Residency with See Chicago Dance. Dance film in progress.

High Concept Labs

Dance and performing arts residency with the arts incubator- High Concept Labs. The current project is a study of myths and mythological female identified figures in various cultures with an investigative focus in Indian culture. The story invokes a creature derived from myths and mythological stories of deities and monsters in Indian Culture.

Mandala South Asian Performing Arts with support from Illinois Arts Council

Residency supporting research, teaching and project development in the South Asian neighborhood of Devon in Chicago. The workshops called 'Mudras in Motion': a dance narrative workshop focuses on Mudras (hand gestures) present in Yoga and Indian Classical Dance form, Bharatnatyam as a way of personal expression, storytelling and wellness.


Shalaka interweaves themes of female identities and cross-cultural dance with new media and text.

Award-winning choreographer Shalaka Kulkarni is an interdisciplinary dance artist based in Chicago. Her work revolves around questioning societal norms, empowering marginal voices and erased narratives, both in Western and Indian cultures empowering Female identity.  Her movement journey started as a child in India with her time divided between learning dance and martial art. She is trained in Bharatnatyam (originating from Southern India) and Kathak (originating from Northern India). As her family immigrated to US, she began exploring intersections of Indian Classical dance forms with other movement influences, text & technology. She teaches, performs and wanders around US, India and other parts of the world.