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A walk in the park

Writing a blog regularly is not quite like a walk in the park for me. Especially when the person is a little bit of an introvert and the world is going through a social distancing phenomenon. I am not sure if 'phenomenon' is the word to be used during 2020's craziness. It feels like a phenomenon because of the debates that are running in the global news about which rules to follow and which restrictions to ignore.

I am not a rule breaker. Most of us are not. Most of us seem to be rule followers until we can figure out a way to navigate through them for certain things. The 'things' may not be material and if they are then they may range from expensive to invaluable to priceless to super cheap. The point is we feel the need to attain them. Gain the acknowledgement of having a chance to achieve something that makes us become a better version of ourselves. That is the goal. Sometimes, we end up feeling exactly opposite- not wanting to acknowledge certain actions or things that we have already established. I am going to diverge into something very minor in terms of what's happening in the world currently and still has a sense of importance in my personal life.

I have made what seems to me a hundred million changes to my business website. It feels like I have gone beyond the measure of infinity because I have yet to touch so many other aspects of what a beginner in her entrepreneurial adventure should attempt doing. I am very mediocre in talking about what exactly my business is about. That is what has been explained to me is called marketing. Marketing kicks my butt and I have yet to completely wholeheartedly attempt that or hire someone else to do it for me. Losing control is not what I am a fan of. I am learning through my walk today that I need to be pushed, very gently. Sounds very childish. It is what it is. I am assertive when things fall apart but when things are going okay and just need to step up a level, I need a push. Are you similar to that? I am not talking about accountability but more of a response to a non-reaction. Do you have someone who can do that for you? Or already does that for you frequently? Maybe now is the time to express your gratitude as we are going through social distancing. Ironic, I suppose.

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