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Dancing Chakras: Inspired by 7 Chakras of Yoga

Welcome to Dancing Chakras! I am so excited to share that not only I was able to put together my idea of a fun Bollywood show but I am doing it one more time next week!

I am a trained Indian Classical Dancer and a committed practitioner of Yoga. I received my RYT-200 certification last year so I am now a 'certified' Yoga instructor. I have taught Dance and I have taught Yoga but I had never placed them together in a performance show before Dancing Chakras. I chose our energy points which are represented as Chakras in the Yoga literature as inspiration for performers. All of the performers based in Chicago are amazing and they not only did a fabulous job in the debut show but will be joining me again on stage to create new Bollywood acts inspired by 7 Chakras of Yoga on March 25th at 9 pm at Newport Theater.

A new show every time, come and dance with the chakras!

Bollywood magic on stage with a twist: This show provides a rare glimpse into the world of Bollywood, while also highlighting the 7 chakras of Yoga. Watch the dancers transform into the 7 different chakras of Yoga or get inspired from them representing spiritual connection, perception, self-expression, love, power, sexual energy/creativity and survival/sense of security through a myriad of dance styles.

Join us to see the joy, humor and beauty of Bollywood and Indian culture. Our performers are practitioners of many diverse dance styles from Indian Classical dance styles to Belly dance, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Modern, performance art and Yoga.

The show is fun, captivating, inspiring, and sensual. Experience a show that uplifts and inspires you with 7 chakras represented through Bollywood dance that ends with an interactive dance party. If you are fascinated by the Bollywood genre of stories, dance, and music, come join us as our talented performers put their twist on some of your favorite hits.

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