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Lucky Objects

Do you own something that you believe is lucky for you? Wear something? Maybe on your fingers or on your toes? We all have done that some time in our daily lives or on special occasions. Though this is about people like me who wear something every day that they consider lucky for them. Luck? Not that I really can explain that nor care to. It is some intangible thing that I really want. How dumb but there it is.

During some casual conversations with friends when I had a drink or two, I am prone to philosophical chatter. Which is literally talking about how life is in general. Luck is like that. Nothing specific about asking for it unless you know exactly what you want and sometimes from whom and when. As I grow older, I am asking ‘why’. Why do I need to search for luck for wanting this particular thing happen in my life? I am asking that currently. Not right now but occasionally when I feel obsessive about wearing something like a earring or what not that feels like brings me luck. Obsessive is a strong word but the feeling is similar to that when I don’t find the object that I want to get me that luck that day. I am letting go of that recently. Recently, as in last year. I started looking for it again this year to get comfortable in my skin because things are changing in my life. Life does not have to go through a drastic change for the world to see for you to feel that something is life changing for you. I felt that. Something that cannot be explained clearly and explicitly but I felt absolutely. So there I go looking for my luck factor. God, explain how the world works or how my life works or am I crazy…..some philosophical questions like that were asked in my mind.

Not really sure where this post is going.

Somewhere intangible like the luck thing.

I am trying to let go of being completely grounded in everything I do. Which is hilarious for me because that is what anyone looks for in their life. This is what is called- ‘growing up’ or that’s what I thought. Now, I am letting go of feeling comfortable in my skin vs growing into something that makes me uncomfortable for now but becomes someone more for me, my loved ones and the world at the same time. Possible? No. What’s the harm in trying? I could not foresee thinking this if I keep on sticking with searching for the luck thing. Why search for me if I believe some tangible object will bring me some intangible thing that will introduce me to the amazing version of myself? Guess, I know where I am going to with this. I am going to try my best looking for luck by doing things that are comfortable and not, that make me cry and not, that make my heart race and not, that make me laugh and not rather than wait for it to happen by holding on to objects or even people who may not want to be held on to. Is there something that you have held on to for a long time that you might want to take off or let go to see what new amazing things life can bring you?

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