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Picking your mindful reasons

"Everything happens for a reason and you have the opportunity to choose which door to choose as one door closes and another opens"- I hear this from my dad as I start typing this post.

People can go through depression for many reasons. I have my depressive moments. They seems to arise when I am not exactly sure what my reasons for it are. Weird? Or stupid? It reads like that however depression is reliably indecisive. It is not about reasoning. It is at times unreasonable. That is how it comes off to a loved one facing a certain depressive reaction often. No matter how legit it feels inside, the sense of it looks and feels fractured to the external world.

I am lucky to have a sister that I do. I am lucky to have parents that I do. I am lucky to have a family that I do. I am little off centered for reasons that I do share that do not seem jarring when heard for the first time but as time passes, one can see the reasons why and how I can hold onto my sanity. I am not crazy just go through depressive moods. My business that seem to be jumping off the edge of cliff at times and sometimes centers itself is about creative outlet. Today I want to talk about a service that I offer- Dance Meditation. It is a mix of combination of dance, yoga and breathing reflexes used in meditation exercises. Starting anything new is life changingly scary. Rather it can be. I invite you to understand why I picked dance meditation and hopefully join me in doing it every week.

Dance Meditation sounds abstract but it is something very specifically created for prolonging memory recall, focus and relaxation for any age as long as you are routinely active in some way. I started with the idea of dance and meditation and yoga separately in my life. Sometimes, a combination of various things that you have attempted to do at various moments in your life can give you a secret recipe for healthier life. It does not promise the elixir of life but it does guarantee a mentally charged workout within 10 minutes every day. The dance meditation sequences are 3-5 minutes videos that are uploaded every week. There is a new sequence uploaded every week that can easily be followed and the repetition of the sequence gives the body and mind simultaneous workout within 10 minutes. Occupying the mind with productive and creative exercises always keeps any moments of depression or other negative outlets at the minimum. I aim to do that with these mini videos every week for the entire year and I invite you to join me there or where your creative heart takes you to meet a productive positive outlet.

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