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Pottery on a ramp

Street Pottery artists celebrated on the ramp of a fashion show. After the show, you see high end fashion designers and pursuers chatting and mixing with street pottery artists from rural parts of the world. I am a mix-matcher. That is the description for people who unknowingly and unintentionally synchronize things that they wear, eat, see, hear, dance upon that don't match each other in the traditional norms. Today, I am sharing what I imagined wildy last year about a show that would have diversity of arts on the actual runway. High end to the street arts celebrated in a high end showcased venue. Hilarious at times but mostly it would be interesting, amazing and exhilarating. People who never dreamt of meeting each other would get a chance to share their point of view about the world through their artistic creations. I would be the last person to keep the wine glass down and leave the place.

I dream of things like that because I am a mix-matcher entrepreneur. Currently, I am creating a mix match kit of Dance+Yoga+Meditation for anyone who is willing to look at working out and meditation in a different way. I am using Indian classical dance form as the basis of this kit. Indian classical dance form sounds complicated to learn for just working out though on the contrary I have made it my mission to make it a norm for anyone who wants to bring ancient art forms like that into their daily life. That is one way to preserve them and preserve your healthy mind & body. I call it dance meditation as in dancing with your mind. Give your mind to dance while working out with Indian classical dance form for not more than 10 minutes every day.

You can join me there and then come up with your way of mix matching things in your life and career. Sometimes things in your life that are disparate can come together to form the right combination for the necessary output in your life and career options. In today's world, where innovation seems like a necessity, training your mind to open up in new ways with new ways seems like the important thing to do. Good luck with your mix matching adventure.

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