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Responsibly Insane

A little bit of insanity can come handy when trying to attempt things that seem distantly doable. Letting go of your regular ground that you seem to understand comfortably to find something extraordinary seems a part of imaginary world rather than the real one. Though it just 'seems' and majority of times it's not a real fear. Extraordinarily positive things are possible and doable when the only fear to let go of is of extraordinary expectations. My mom says it without saying it- do your work, give your best and things will work out as long as you are hoping for good things for you and for people around you.

A path to responsibly insane moments is not that difficult to find for some people. It is at the intersection of sane moments of not letting go of your regular comfortable routine and trying to attempt what seems beyond your capabilities at that present moment. The push out of the comfort zone is done relatively responsibly. It looks not quite responsible to people who know you but responsible insane moments are must for life experiences to sustain sanity. Small doses of being insane is responsibly letting go of your centered ground for the time being to grow into a better version of yourself for anyone who integrates in your life.

We all have moments of being irresponsible that seem insane. I am trying to make mine into moments that grow into responsibly insane. Pushing myself out of my regular routine is not what I mean here. It is more of a mindset than the physical change or a location change. 'It may not be visible to others but as long as you know changes are happening within you then in the long run you will meet the better version of yourself'- I remind myself every other day. Yes, I talk to myself. :)

Change is not always a good one but it is more of a requirement that cannot be stopped. It will happen that is why any change is crucial for growth is a healthy mindset to have. Changes are happening in the world today and as they are unstoppable for now, it is better to understand how we can adapt to the new transitions in us and people around us that make the world than the blame game. Sounds insane or insane with all the things we hear in the news of people being affected adversely in 2020? Probably. Though I have yet to meditate through my dance meditation today to find my responsible part of the insane moment. How about you? What have you done recently that you consider responsibly insane?

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