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Dance Meditation

10 minutes of wellness every day out of your busy day for all ages!

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Trying to find the perfect form of exercise? Tired of feeling like you're letting yourself down? You don't need to spend hours at the gym. Do you want to find something that's easy on the body and makes you feel good mentally? Dance Meditation is a form of meditation as well as a gentle work out. It requires no sudden movements and is as easy as picking up an object on the floor. Dance meditation is a form of meditation that requires bodily movement. The meditative aspect of the form is intertwined with the physical moves. You get the experience of working out while being in a state of mindfulness. Dance meditation is based on the idea that moving one's body in time to music can be a way to still one's mind, calm oneself, and focus one's thoughts. It also promotes listening skills and teaches people how to distinguish between different feelings and sensations they are experiencing, all while engaging their sense of rhythm, movement, and self-expression. Dance meditation can be done with or without music (although it is typically done with). Dance Meditation is a low-impact yet effective way to keep your body and mind in shape. All Dance Meditation practitioners can expect to: Develop better balance, Reduce stress and anxiety, Increase range of motion and flexibility, and Build muscle and endurance without straining the nervous system. Try out Dance Meditation today. It will make you feel great after practice, it's refreshing and meditative. It's an experience that everyone should try! You deserve to feel great on the inside and on the outside. Drop in on the online classes for beginners so you too can experience the benefits. All you need is water bottle or any drink, comfortable clothing that's easy to move in, loose shoes or socks so your toes can grip the ground when you're balancing. An easy-to-learn method to establish a wellness routine for a healthy, active and energetic body and soul. This class will take you through easy to learn sequences of Indian Classical dance mudras, all you need is your body and a sense of curiosity! You will be guided through the steps of learning the mudras with their physical actions and spiritual meaning. Enjoy this class with others who are curious! Explore this new world and meet new people. Your journey of self-discovery starts now. Sign up for our Dance Meditation classes today. Series of 8 online classes.

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