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SurTaal Dance

Bridging Cultures - One Step at a Time

Co-Production with Prop Thtr 

Culmination of the 'Nyra's Dreams' project by Shalaka Kulkarni, a live performance co-produced by Surtaal Dance and Prop Thtr at Chicago Dramatists

Nyra’s Dreams created and performed by Shalaka Kulkarni will open on October 27, 2023 launching Prop Thtr’s new residency at Chicago Dramatists, 1109 W. Chicago Ave. A Co-production of Surtal Dance with Prop Thtr, this movement play incorporates multiple story-telling vessels to tell of Nyra, who walks between different worlds and connects within her fragmented mind to women who teach her about resilience, frailty and hope, helping her realize her real quest to find her way back home to Dyavaprthivi, that resides between heaven and earth.

This world premiere solo-play, directed with Stefan Brün, incorporates contemporary dance and traditional Indian classical dance, media, and varied characters to bring Nyra and her quest to life.

Nyra’s dreams is another step in Surtaal Dance’s exploration of how to employ Indian Classical Dance vocabulary untraditionally to celebrate female experience.

Prop Thtr is launching a pilot leadership team project, finding new forms and structures outside of showbiz to generate, incubate, develop, produce and give continued life to new work in the performing arts.

This movement play is the culmination of text, travel and collaboration, film, choreography and composition - of which an experimental 10 minute film, completed April 2023, already recognized as experimental film in Paris, Seoul and Assam.











Join us to see this unique take on the Devadasi (Temple Dancer) experience in a solo play with dance and media written & and performed by Shalaka Kulkarni. 


October 27th to November 19th

Fridays- 8 pm

Saturdays - 8 pm

Sundays - 3 pm

Tradition Meets Innovation: The SurTaal Dance Story

Welcome to SurTaal Dance, where we are proud to offer an innovative and contemporary take on Indian classical dance. Our projects are dedicated to pushing creative boundaries and experimenting with new forms of expression. Our performances showcase the unique beauty, versatility, and grace of Indian dance vocabulary. We invite you to experience the magic of SurTaal Dance and share in our passion for this beautiful art form.

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